What Is The Most Efficient Way To Win Your First Few Clients When Starting a New B2Business

July 29, 2016 - 4 minutes read

I guess, recently you have started your B2B business and want to get your first few clients. But, there are three main problems with getting those clients for your B2B business:

  1. Perhaps, You don’t know how to sell things to others
  2. You don’t know who you’re selling to, and
  3. You don’t even really know what you’re selling

Nobody will tell you how to answer these questions and most of the people go out to get initial traction in a confused way which is very difficult to untangle why it didn’t work.


The Most Efficient Way to Win the First Few Clients

I think trust is the most important investment in any business. Before prospects will buy from you, especially B2B sales, they need to trust you. There are many industrialists face challenges establishing the trust of the clients.  Because they couldn’t provide the track records that most of the established companies can.

Suppose, you determined to start your business with decent objectives, but the prospects don’t know you. Without any track record, it’s tough to establish your credibility. So, you must build trust in any sales relationship. Especially in the ones where there is a chance that your decision maker has previously had a bad experience.

But, the reality is, as an entrepreneur, you’re not just competing on your own qualities. Rather than, you’re competing against lots of aggressive guarantees and dishonest business practices that make your customers distrusted from your industry.

Here are some ways to build trust with new prospective clients:


Share Real Success Stories

If you want to create trust with your new customers, the most important ways is to use “social proof” by creating a case study. New prospects want to get the case studies which make them trustworthy.

If you have an excellent track record of success in your previous profession, you can build trust by reminding customers of your other experience too.


Don’t Charge Low Prices

Like you, many entrepreneurs may believe that if they charge below standard pricing, they will get the business. But it does not mean so. The decision makers may ask you why your pricing so low is.

Actually, the price is not the most important consideration for buyers of B2B services. In fact, low prices actually had a negative correspondence to B2B buyers’ perception of the B2B companies’ brand force.


Don’t Make Guarantees

Want to make a trustworthy relationship with your new customers? Then don’t make guarantees.  If you start to make guarantees, you start sounding like their previous vendors. In a service based industry, like marketing, Most of the experienced decision makers know that, it’s nearly impossible to make an exact guarantee.

Be radically transparent about your process rather than making guarantees about specific results.  Tell your clients –how your firm works and how you respond to problems for your clients.


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What Is The Most Efficient Way To Win Your First Few Clients When Starting a New B2Business
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