What Are Some of the Best Sales Strategies for SaaS Products

August 3, 2016 - 4 minutes read

For SaaS promotion, like traditional selling you need to identify your buyer at first. Try to understand their needs and concerns and then determine how you can solve their problems. Find the best ways to communicate with them..


Why SaaS Products

The Customers find many benefits of SaaS products, such as:

  • Lower initial cash outlays,
  • Lower services costs,
  • Faster deployments
  • Reduced the dependency on IT
  • Better ability to respond to future growth or business reductions,
  • Near elimination of shelf ware
  • And always running the most current version of software.

The above factors drive the customer to SaaS products and they are acquiring these products with a very short time frame than for on-premise software with a higher initial commitment.

How to Make SaaS Sales Easier

  • Make it easy for customers to sell themselves
  • Make the first decision to work with your product easy
  • Simple products
  • Free versions, free Trials, Open Source
  • Remove Complesity from closing the sale
  • Remove IT through SaaS
  • Eliminate committee decisions making
  • Make the first financial commitment easy

    SaaS Sales Strategies for SaaS Products

The economics of SaaS sales and the customer expectations mean the SaaS sales and marketing strategy will heavily invest in online information, online promotion, SEM and SEO.  It means rethinking sales and marketing to lower initial sales costs.

For SaaS businesses, you won’t have customers without solid sales strategies that work cohesively with your marketing and communications strategies. Here are some sales strategies for SaaS products:


Listening to your Prospects 

It is the most important skill in SaaS sales. You must listen to your prospects and understand them deeply. To know what the customers want to get and what their needs is is important for your SaaS business. It will make you more confident to promote your products.

Asking the Right Questions


Another most important skill is asking the right questions to the prospects.

If you want successful sales strategies for SaaS products, train yourself to perform consistently. And ask the exact question to the prospects.


Determine How you Can Solve Their Problem

The best piece of advice for someone just getting started in sales is that a few people really need your product. You always have to understand how your product will help them in their business.

Telling the same story to every single customer won’t work — adapt your speech and push where it’s painful.

Another thing is giving options to the prospects. People are more likely to decide faster when they have plan options at different price points.


Following Up with Your Clients

The main challenge for business developers is to maintain follow up with your clients on a regularly basis. This follow up can help you to understand their needs and to ensure your service brings their company value.

Maintaining follow up with your customers on the long term after they subscribe, upgrade, or buy, is crucial to maintaining a strong relationship and a large degree of involvement with your service. This effort helps to develop brand advocates and to reduce your churn rate.

Lastly,  SaaS allows a great deal of flexibility in contract terms such as the length of the commitment, payment terms, and the ability to modify the contract . This also makes them more strategic to their customers.

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What Are Some of the Best Sales Strategies for SaaS Products
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