Top 10 Sales Tools of 2016

March 15, 2016 - 4 minutes read

Tools bring so much to your sales team. So many are still using traditional and manual methods to bring in sales.

We thought we’d end this by sharing our definitive top 10 sales tools of 2015.


  1. Streak CRM. If you’re tired of jumping between your CRM and inbox, here’s your solution. Streak has a really simple CRM system built into your gmail so you can manage customers within your inbox. It also has some awesome tools for automating emails out to customer so it’s a less manual and cumbersome process.


  1. Do you know the companies visiting your website? Whoisvisiting is a great tool that will track the companies visiting so you can reach out to them and prospect. One of the best ways to acquire warm leads.


  1. (sorry!). We’ve heard it’s an awesome sales prospecting tool that allows you to find and add leads into a CRM. We’ll also find the email addresses and contact details of prospects so you can reach out to them and track progress.


  1. LinkedIn. We fight it bit we can’t! Credit where due, LinkedIn is great for a number of reasons – it’s brimming with data so you can find prospects (remember you can add them in to get contact details). It’s good for InMailing, groups and generally dialogue with peers to get selling.


  1. Google Alerts. We love this tool. Google Alerts can be used for loads of reasons, we use to crawl and alert us when competitor products are being talked about (or our own), news relating to our industry. Generally we use it as a real-time monitoring tool for sales opportunities. Companies use Alerts for a range of reasons from blogging, to direct sales.


  1. It’s a Salesforce tool to clean prospect data. It’s great for specific B2B models where you want to find out company information.


  1. Rapportive. A recent LinkedIn acquisition. Rapportive profiles an email address in real-time within your inbox so you can gather more insights on your prospecting.


  1. Pipedrive – a good bunch from what we hear online! Beautifully simple tool and easy to operate. It is exclusively for SME market (CRM specifically) but works great. Definitely the next step up from your sales teams spreadsheet.


  1. Olark – Some may not consider this as a sales tool but it allows you to speak directly to prospects so another way to reach out in real-time and convert to leads.


  1. Twitter – A little less obvious but a great place to prospect. Your competitors followers are your prospects. It’s an easy tool to reach out to them.


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Top 10 Sales Tools of 2016
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