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October 21, 2014 - 6 minutes read

I’ve had the fortune of being involved in startups such as @edenspaper, SaaS products @whoisvisiting to service based businesses such as @digitalclicks and @BEAF. Having worked these from the ground up, I’ve experienced the aggressive and relentless attitude required for sales, prospecting and business development.

One single thing that’s resonated across all of these is a need for a scalable business development process for delivering new leads. We’d formed an ad-hoc process for each of the companies and clients (evolved over many years), shaped a business model which delivers consistent, scalable revenue through inside sales team, driving prospecting and in turn sales. However fundamentally this was not universal, required a range of manual techniques and was time-exhaustive.

There’s a great article on what we call an #email hack to reach out however even this was time-intensive.

The fortune of seeing and implementing sales processes within products and services from Plantable Wrapping Paper to SaaS demonstrated a consistent need for


I believe:

– Big CRM are just that. They’re tools to manage pipeline but they have ‘product bloat’
– Small CRM’s are just that. They’re really simple CRM’s but no way to actually fill them with prospects. They are pipeline management only. Lovely to use but limited.
– There are manual processes to find prospects such as on LinkedIn (even the likes of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is in place yet limited).
– You know people within an organization but cannot reach out to them consistently and in a scalable way without manual intervention.
– You know companies but do not know the correct person in the company consistently and scalable way without manual intervention.
– CRM’s and prospecting tools are manual and are time-exhaustive
– Business email addresses, phone numbers and associated social records are publicly available online.

It was funny how many prospects and leads we could see online at the click of a button yet no tools were available to grab these leads (build prospect lists) and manage them inside a CRM to nurture into closed sales.


There’s a very genuine need for a sales prospecting tool for sales teams (SDR’s) to prospect new business and bring in new leads. was built with one single-minded goal in mind. The most simple way to find leads.

We’ve called it
We’ve got a great pile of money behind it.
We’re building a great team of Market Response Reps, Sales Development Reps, Sales Executives and Account Management Reps.
We’ve got some Awesome (with a capital ‘A’) developers.
We’re building a management team to support the companies growth and our customers.
We’ve got a round of initial users who love the product.
We’ve received some great feedback and are refining even more.
And we have me, who’ll do everything possible to deliver a product to customers which will improve and ease their sales prospecting.

We’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll on the 1st September 2015.


Who’s it for? is not for everyone, let’s make things clear. We love our product and want to ensure users love our product also so it’s important there’s a mutual fit.

We don’t advise using if:

  • You do not have (or do not plan to have) a sales person/or team/or do it yourselves.
  • You do not prospect by call or email (and do not plan to).
  • You manage under 200 leads per year.


Here’s why will deliver more Closed Sales.

  1. Your sales reps will have the easiest way to find new leads. Find and build targeted lead lists to prospect for new business.
  1. One universal process for sales prospecting. One super-efficient place to manage leads across your team, avoid any more manual data entry and enjoy moving your leads across your pipeline.
  1. Shape your sales team into a selling machine. Provide a scalable and repeatable way to grow your outbound sales activity.

Simply put, is the easiest way to build lists of targeted leads including their email, phone and social records using search engines.

We hope you enjoy and look forward to you joining us on the journey.

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The Big Question. Why Create
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