How Can I Get People To Actually Respond To My Cold Emails?

July 25, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Email is perhaps the most popular business tool today. It is used to communicate internally and externally in an organization. It is also an effective tool for marketing, not only because it is quick to deploy, but also because it is cost-effective. However, one of the main problems with email is that in most instances, you won’t get a reply. Wondering how to get people to respond to your cold emails? Below are some of the things that I can suggest.


Keep your Emails Brief

When you receive an email, will you read it until the end? Well, in my case, it depends on how lengthy the email is. If it is short and straight to the point, I will read it. On the other hand, if after a quick look and I saw that the email is long, I won’t even bother reading the first paragraph. With this, it is important to keep it short and simple to increase the likelihood that it will be read, and more importantly, that the recipient will send a reply.


Have a Clear Subject Line

If your emails will be sent to busy professionals, they might not have the time to read its contents. With this, it is important to have a subject line that will captivate their attention. Meaning, if the subject line triggers curiosity, they will be motivated to read the entire email. On the other hand, if the subject line is generic and boring, they will think of it as another spam email that is not worth your time.


Send a Follow-up

As it has been mentioned, some people can be busy, and hence, there are some emails that are missed. They won’t be able to read everything that comes in their inbox. With such, sending a follow-up email is a good thing. I recommend a program known as, which will allow you to send friendly follow-up messages to the recipients of the email you have earlier sent. One of the things that I liked about ReplyUp is that the follow-up messages are customized, making it appear that you have crafted the message yourself.


Provide a Good Reason

A well-crafted email should not be all about your business, but all about the recipient. What can you do to help the other people? What are the benefits that you can offer? What will they get for sending a reply?  Make sure to highlight these things in the emails that you will send. Give them a good reason why your email is worth their time. By doing this, the recipient will realize that your email is indeed valuable.

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How Can I Get People To Actually Respond To My Cold Emails?
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