How Can I Generate More Leads From Cold Emailing

July 27, 2016 - 4 minutes read

Lead generation is one of the most important issues in online business, and you will find a lot of options to do it.

However, today I will discuss on how to generate leads from cold emailing. Yes! It is another best strategy to find new clients for your business. But patience and perseverance are badly required for getting legitimate leads from this cold emailing channel.


Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to the guiding potential customers from having their need unsatisfied with seeing the light in your solution. The main thing is- If you offer bigger value, you can expect bigger interest as well.

So, let’s get started! Here are some strategies for generating more leads from cold emailing.


Create Your Targeted Customer’s Profiles

You would like to send your message to someone, right? Okay, target your audience at first. Then write your massage according to your target group. Without the right customer profile, you have no chance to attract anyone with your messages. If you have too broad or too narrow customer profile that will hurt your attempts to generate leads from cold emailing.

So, you need to create an effective target group – it should be somewhere between 10.000 and 100.000 decision makers globally. When the target group is small, it would be easier to recognize their common pain-points and address them in your communications through cold emailing.

When you are going to Create customer profiles, you should ask the below questions by yourself:

  • Where is my client located?
  • Which industry do they belong to?
  • How much revenue they generate?
  • What is the size of their team?
  • Who’s the decision-maker I should contact?

Moreover, you should ask additional specific questions depending on what you would like to sell them:

  • When was this company founded?
  • Do they have a VC/angel investor backup?
  • Do they use a specific technology?

At last, you will end up with a target group like:

  • Sales Directors in companies
  • with a headcount above 50
  • that provide IT services
  • located in California


Write a Killer Email Pitch and Follow-up

The most important thing is getting into the right mind-set before you write your killer email for the target audience. So, follow the below advice to make your cold email fruitful:

  • Get your target people interested, instead of aiming to sell from your first email.
  • Show them that you’re likeable and straightforward. Be a person, not a robot.
  • Recognize their pain and offer a solution.
  • Include only the most important information in your email.
  • Remember to use a call-to-action (invite to a Skype, phonecall, and meeting).
  • Keep your email short – try to write no more than 5 sentences.
  • Make follow-up regular basis.

Finally, you have to be disciplined, patient, and determined enough to regularly put a lot of effort into it, if you want to generate more sales lead from cold emailing. The more quirky, honest and positive you are the better responses you will get.

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How Can I Generate More Leads From Cold Emailing
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