Accelerating Sales Fast (and without relying on Cold Calling, phew!)

September 27, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Before making such a bold statement, I’d like to start with why traditional techniques are no longer effective. Cold calling (historically) has been an extremely lucrative process and as with all lifecycles, it will have it’s time again. There’s been a few reasons for the change:

  1. Receiving calls are not scheduled. Unlike cold emails, which can be dealt with at the prospects discretion, cold calls are intrusive and must impose on a prospects current schedule of works.
  2. Cadence including email, call and other are more efficient. Utilizing emerging sales prospecting tools such as remove the guesswork on performance. They also provide the ability for prospects to softly deal with the approach without intruding on schedule.
  3. Financials don’t marry up. If you’ve run cold calling teams, it’s generally more activity, less performance. Productivity becomes increasingly difficult as opportunities mature.


So where does that leave us?

Let’s get things straight, calling people works. BUT there needs to be a systemized process around this. By providing a combination of structured, personalized emails and use this approach to qualify your opportunity to call, is the most powerful arsenal for a company to deliver predictable pipeline.

Here are the key principles in delivering a successful, predictable outreach.

  1. Initially approach prospects directly to the decision maker with a personalised email. By initially approaching prospects by email, allows you to get on their radar in a positive way (not an ambush!). You can approach your prospects directly or request a recommendation on the correct person to speak to.
  2. Track your metrics by results. Dial metrics are nice to view, but realising metrics on transition within pipeline is the ultimate goal. Approach your pipeline in bitesize chunks.
  3. Systemize, systemize, systemize. Everything needs to be planned into a structured process that is scalable. This spans from your SDRs sales process through to the management processes and recruitment of staff.

This mindset is the introduction to as a sales prospecting tool. It provides a systemized and scalable process for outreach for new business.


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Accelerating Sales Fast (and without relying on Cold Calling, phew!)
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